Summer School

Please use Family Access to view your student’s grades and determine if summer school is a needed option for your student. Due to the current quarantine situation and the adjustments that have been made to your student’s education, summer school will likely NOT be a best fit to recover credit for second semester of 2020. Summer school will be a good fit to recover credit from any previous semesters or to look at credit advancement for your student. Contact your student’s counselor if you have questions.

When Summer School is open a link will appear → Here

Courses must be pre-approved with the school counselor.

If you need to talk with a counselor call (360) 618-6307 to make arrangements.

A- C: Lisa Sullivan -  (206)629-8704

C-Hi: Mary Hawksley -  206)659-7606  

Ho-Me: Cheyenne Hanshaw -  (206)659-9476  

Mi-Sa: Shanna Crookes  -  (484)531-7034

Sc-Z: Allison Bennett - (206)659-9224