AHS Engineering

AHS Engineering

Internal Combustion Engine Research
Internal Combustion Research.docx 

Biodiesel Processing Instructions (This one SECOND)
Biodiesel Creation.doc

Biodiesel Titrations form (This one FIRST)
Biodiesel Titrations 1.docx

Biodiesel Research
Biodiesel Research.docx

Robotic Arm
Robotic Arm Competition No Print.docx

Bridge Project
Bridge Building.docx

Truss Project
Truss Project.doc

Paper Crane
Build a Paper Crane.doc

Strongest Paper Structure
The Strongest Paper structure.doc

Build, Failure Analysis Rubric
Engineering Performance Build and Failure Analysis.xlsx

Engineering Design Rubric
Engineering Design Rubric.xlsx
Failure Analysis
Failure Analysis.docx

Tech Tuesday
Tech Tuesday Reading.docx

Video Outline
Video Outline and Rubric.docx

Work Ethic Rubric
Work Ethics Rubric.doc

Parent Permission form
Permission Form Initial.docx

Engineering Technology Syllabi.doc

Competition Outline
Skills USA Technical Drafting Arlington 2017.docx