Summer School 2023

Please use Family Access to view your student’s grades and determine if summer school is a needed option for your student. You may also view your student's transcript by ordering an unofficial copy to be emailed to you using this link -

All summer school courses must be pre-approved by your students school counselor. Please email your counselor or call 360-618-6307 to discuss summer school options.

Final copy 2023 SS Registration form.pdf 

Registration deadline is June 20, 2023

There will be a tuition fee of $200. per 0.5 credit (each semester course = .5 cr) for summer school credit retrieval and credit advancement this year. 

If you qualify for the Federal Free/Reduced Meals Program during the school year, you may submit a copy of your approval letter from the school district for reduced tuition. There will not be any FREE summer school.

Reduced Meals Program = $100. per 0.5 credit course
Free Meals Program = $25. per 0.5 credit course

We will operate 4 bus hubs for pick up and drop off. No door-to-door bus transportation. 

Our summer school program is 100% mandatory attendance for four weeks, June 26th - July 21st. Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM. If this schedule does not work for your family summer plans, please seek other options for credit retrieval or credit advancement through or BYU Independent Study.