Volunteering at AHS

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Arlington High School! 

Volunteer opportunities are available and support of our students and staff are truly appreciated! Please visit our Booster Club and Link Crew Parents links or contact the Main Office at (360) 618-6300 for information.

Volunteers at Arlington High School are asked to sign-in atour Main Office upon entering the building and tosign-out when leaving. In addition to student and staff safety, if forsome reason an emergency does occur, it is very important for ourvolunteers' personal safety that we know who is in the building andwhere. 

Volunteers are provided with a Visitor Badge uponsigning in and are requested to write their name on it and wear thebadge at all times while on campus. This allows our staff, students,and security personnel to recognize our volunteers and visitors. 

Before volunteering, and every two years thereafter,Arlington Public School volunteers must submit to a background checkconducted through the Washington State Patrol system. Background check forms are available in the Main Office on the reception counter near the sign-in book. Please submit forms twoweeks prior to volunteering at the school or chaperoning a field trip. Return completed forms to the AHS receptionist, who can advise ifvolunteers have submitted a form or are due for renewal.  At this time,background checks do not transfer from school toschool, so if a volunteer completed a check at one of our middle orelementary schools, one must still be completed for Arlington HighSchool.

Thank you for your interest!