Student Information

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Student Information

Guiding Principles

We are a student-focused, comprehensive public high school and remain dedicated to our role in the Arlington Community to educate students, provide enrichment experiences through Athletics, Arts and Club Activities, as well as strive to be a leader in our region for our approach to secondary education.  We are committed to offering an in-person experience to students who choose our Hybrid Model. Students who do not wish to return to in-person learning have an online option with our Arlington Online Program (AOP) within Arlington Public Schools.

This is a time to demonstrate our strengths as innovators and problem solvers, as we pursue the richest possible in-person experience for our students while minimizing risk to all.

We are guided by the best practices and advice from local, state and federal public health agencies. 

Academic Instruction and Campus Health

Classroom set up

AHS is committed to:

  • Analyzing classrooms and class sizes to determine options for social distancing

  • Evaluating potential adjustments to seating arrangements in classrooms to enhance in-person learning with physical distancing and masks

  • Reducing contact through modified classroom seating and campus walking patterns

  • Sanitizing of student work spaces via touch safe, fast drying, virucidal Purell wipes in every classroom, every class period

  • Increased seating area options at lunch – including solo seating in some areas

  • Organized and efficient campus arrival locations (3) with daily attestation via Qualtrics.  Here is a video on How to Attest Daily prior to arrival on campus!

  • Daily temperature readings for all staff, students and visitors to campus via thermal cameras and digital facial scanners throughout campus access points

  • Consistent expectations for mask wearing, physical distancing and messaging our Risk Reduction Guidelines



What To Bring Each Day

Students are on campus two days per week, A group attends Mon and Tues, B group attends Wed and Thur.  For these days, students need to bring: 

  • You can bring your lunch or lunches are “grab and go,” and free to all students. Breakfast is also free and "grab and go."

  • Your FULLY charged chrome book. Bring your cord just in case too.

  • Class materials: Any book, note taking items, binder, etc you may need. Consult with your teachers.

  • NEW 3/22/21: PE and Athletic Locker Rooms will be available as an option for students.  These rooms are for changing only and spaces with physical distancing requirements will be established.  Students may still wear attire that allows them to move and exercise in should they choose not to access a PE or Athletic Locker Room.  See your PE teacher to get a locker for your in-person days.

  • Bottled water to drink (fountains and our filling station are closed).

  • A mask. See the mask guidelines for types allowed. AHS will have disposables on hand daily should you need one.


Lunch on Campus

Food Services and our administration is planning a number of modifications to the commons and lunch time expectations, including: 

  • Lunches are “grab and go,” and free to all students

  • Signage and supervision will be present to ensure social distancing in lines

  • Seating areas arranged to meet health department criteria for distancing. Tables marked with max capacity limit (2 for smaller tables, 3 for larger tables).

  • Students may choose to eat solo (or same household only – siblings) in their car

  • Students will not be allowed to leave campus, parking lot monitors will be present and a new, high-resolution camera system is in place

  • Individual seating will be available in the Gym Lobby and the B Wing lobby

  • Once a student has selected his or her seating location for lunch, they will remain in that location for the duration (no wandering).

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting on a regular and frequent basis, following state and federal public health agencies guidelines, utilizing EPA approved cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants

  • Prior to leaving a table, students will be expected to remove their trash and sanitize their personal area.  

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