Face Covering Guidelines

Face Covering Guidelines

Updated General Face Covering Guideline:

Students, faculty, staff and visitors must, when around others, wear face coverings over their mouth and nose, both indoors and outdoors, while on the AHS campus. “Indoors” includes all common areas and public spaces (classrooms, hallways, gyms, library, shared spaces, public office spaces, etc.) even in passing. When outdoors, if 6 feet distancing can be maintained, you are encouraged but not required to wear a face covering. This outdoor exception does not apply to PE courses in progress. Follow the direction of your instructor. Naturally, in order to eat or drink a mask can be removed as long as 6 foot of distancing is maintained. Thus, once a student is seated at lunch, changing locations is not an option. A mask is to be worn during lunch if leaving the table to go to the bathroom, garbage bins, etc.

Students and employees should plan to supply their own face coverings and may wish to have more than one on hand to allow for adequate laundering. APS has a supply of 500,000 disposable masks and AHS will have them available on site daily. Please do not buy or wear N95 masks as these are in short supply and are needed to protect health care workers. Here is the CDC “Your Guide To Masks” to help you select the style and protection level that works best for you. Important Note: Effective 3/3/2021 - Gaiter Style masks, Bandanas, and masks with valves are NOT APS Board Approved for use on any school campus. These masks do not meet APS Board of Directors’ minimum protection requirements. If a student, staff or visitor arrives on campus wearing a prohibited mask, we will provide a replacement mask for the day and request any students staff or visitors to not wear their Gaiter, Bandana or valve mask on any APS campus.

We fully anticipate that our staff and students will comply with the requirement to wear face coverings in classrooms and outdoor situations where appropriate distancing is not possible.

If an individual chooses not to wear a face covering in a space where it is required or continues to wear a prohibited style of mask, the following process should be followed.

1.  Inform the individual of the face-covering policy. Explain how face coverings protect others by reducing the possibility of infection. Ask the individual to comply with the policy.

2.  If the individual continues to violate the face covering policy, refer to AHS Administrative Office, Discipline Secretary, Ext. 3009.

3.  An Assistant Principal will follow up immediately.

For those unwilling to comply with our In-Person expectations at AHS such as proper mask wearing, engaging via in-person learning, etc. a re-assignment to our Arlington Online Program (AOP) may be needed for the health and safety of staff and students.

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