Driver's Education

Drivers Ed

Information about the program

Driver's Education is a program run through the school and taught by teachers at Arlington High School. Students learn the rules of the road and everything needed to pass the test at the Department of Licensing to receive a driver's license.


(Schedule is subject to change due to circumstances, i.e. school closure, etc.)

Fourth Quarter 2023 - 
Please fill out BOTH of the forms below.  Both are required at turn in and your spot is not guaranteed unless we have both forms.
-Driver's Training Application - PART 1 REQUIRED
-4th Qtr 2023 Application Agmt - PART 2 REQUIRED
- Fourth Quarter starts April 17th, 2023
Summer Quarter 2023 - -Driver's Training Application - PART 1 REQUIRED -Summer Qtr 2023 Application Agmt - PART 2 REQUIRED

- Summer Quarter starts  June 12th, 2023

What you need to take the class:

- A valid Washington State Driver's Permit
- Cost for course is $600
- All of your paperwork turned into the office

Additional Information

DMV Practice Driver Test WA

Contact Information

James Brooke
[email protected]
360-618-6300, ext. 3269

*Please note: The Driver's Education program follows the AHS calendar. Driver's Ed. is not in session on weekends, holidays, vacations dates or snow days. All phone calls and emails will be returned within a reasonable time upon returning to school.