Yearbook Info

Yearbooks will be on sale $65 August 21-September 8 and again the last two weeks in January.  

A limited number of books will be available for sale around distribution for $70. We have sold out the last two years, so don't wait!!

Class of 2024 Senior Photo Info


1. Email your senior photo to [email protected] NO LATER THAN Sunday, November 5. SAVE YOUR PICTURE AS YOUR LAST NAME, FIRST NAME (ex: Hayman, Anne.jpg)
2. The subject line is STUDENT NAME SR PIC (ex: TOMMY HAYMAN SR PIC)

3. I will email you a confirmation once the image is SAVED. . . 

my email in box is flooded during this time, so thank you for your patience. 

4. IF you are using your ASB card photo for your senior picture, there is no need to do anything.  

5. Anyone on the senior class list who does not submit a senior photo but does have an ASB/ID card photo taken will have that image used in the yearbook.


7. If you are not a senior by credit status at this time, but you will be graduating in June, you must submit a photo to be included in the senior section of the yearbook.

Senior portrait info page

Please do not use images taken on with a cell phone camera.
The resolution is too small.
NO watermarks please!

PLEASE, DO NOT EDIT YOUR PHOTO SIZE unless you are a professional

Color portraits are preferred; however, black and white is acceptable.

Indoor or outdoor portraits are great

No props in your photos; no hands by the face please

Look directly at the camera; no “selfie” style pics from above

Resolution is the most important part! Please be sure your image is large enough for printing (300 dpi) . . . 

Minimum file size 500KB-1MB; larger is great!


General Grad Ad Information
Sample Grad Ad

THIS IS NOT REQUIRED; it is an option for senior parents and families.

1. Pay your $55 Grad Ad fee (online or at AHS Aug 21-Nov 5).  To purchase, go to the main HS website and find the Online Payments link on the right.  We have a late fee option this year...$60 for Grad Ad purchase from Nov 6-Nov 12.  

2. Make sure we have your current email address on file at school. 

3. Within a week or so from purchasing, you will receive an email from Balfour Customer Service with a link to upload your Grad Ad content. (Emails will go out on Mondays.)

(We will use the primary email address on file in Family Access unless you specify otherwise.) 

4. You will upload no more than six images and a message of up to 125 words to your senior. 

Look in a previous yearbook or on the Yearbook webpage on the school website for an example of a Grad Ad.

5. Around Thanksgiving, we will send you a proof of the ad to check for accuracy.

Purchasing a Grad Ad does NOT mean you have purchased a yearbook. 

Yearbooks are available for $65 Aug 21-Sept 8.

Grad Ads are available for $55 Aug 21-Nov 5

Grad Ad Late Fee: $60 Nov 6-Nov 12.